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Every day we meet some small problems in our day-to-day activity . Some of them are noticeable some of them are tiny, but how it would be great to have fairy, who will help you if your tea-pod doesn’t work, if you can not make up your mind with the color of wallpaper for nursery to order on-line,if you interested in installing ceiling fan. If all this questions from time to timecome to your mind, thanaddress yourself to Call Centers of the Home Depot. Here you will be heard. More over, your requirements and wishes will be considered.

Call Centers
What is the Customer Contact Center? TheCustomer Contact Centers (CCC) represent the heartbeat of customer service for The Home Depot. Createdto deliver the best possible service to all company's stores and customers. Customer Contact Center strives to meet the needs of all each customer and represents company'sunique beliefs and values.
Business at a Customer Contact Centers is exciting, fast-paced and rewarding. With that in mind, the Customer Contact Centers associate possesses many attributes, some of which include:

  • The ability to provide excellent customer service on each and every call;
  • The ability to listen with patience and understanding;
  • Knowledge of customer types and how to deal with each;
  • The ability to communicate effectively;
  • A positive attitude and an unrelenting desire to live the Home Depot values and provide excellent customer service.
Call Centers: When you call one ofthe Call Centers about a product, delivery, an installation, a billing question or for customer service, you may be asked for information that identifies you along with additional information company needs to help it promptly answer your question, such as your name and address and a phone number where we might contact you. Company may retain this information to assist you in the future.

Work schedule of:

Primary Customer Care (Company, Store, Merchandise, Services)Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Saturday: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Sunday: 12 p.m. - 6 p.m. Major Appliances
Monday - Friday: 7 a.m. - 1 a.m.
Saturday: 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Sunday: 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Need help with your online order? Chat live with a specialist. Enter your name and start chat.
You will be provided with qualified assistance of best specialists in their field. If e-mail correspondence is more convenient for you-then you can send e-mail Home Depot CCC e-mail address. You will immediately get qualified response.
Customer Care
What is the best way to contact The Home Depot about issues related to service or merchandise?
For complaints or positive comments around the service you received in Home Depot stores or general merchandise questions or issues, call 1-800-553-3199. For general inquiries contact your local store.
Anyways, company Home Deport makes its best to deliver to you perfect services and customer care,to fulfill all your wishes and satisfy all your needs on high level of quality combined with professional attitude

Home Depot Going Hi- Tech For It's Service

Home Depot Inc. in Greensboro, NC will help US employees make telephone calls, stock shelves and check out customers anywhere in the world in making the Home Depot's biggest investments of more than 10,000 portable devices.

The company stated that the hand gadgets will cost $60 million. Employees of the company in the past decades were able to managed using computers powered by motorboat batteries on rolling carts for their inventory.

Matt Carey said that the year 1991 is kind of where they are pegged if being compared to a world class retailer from a technology perspective. For a very long time the company was founded, this is the first customer service tool they have given their associates. Matt Carey is Home Depot's officer hired in 2008 from ebayInc.

This is Home Depot's way to beat the competition for home improvement industry including it's competitor Lowes Cos. which has been using hand held wireless technology since 1995. For the past years,Home Depot has trailed Lowe's in comparable -store sales after frank Blake took charged as chairman and chief executive in 2007.


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Home Depot Customer Service And Security

Home Depot made a priority number one the security and safety of personal information of the customer. Probably it is the most important in the work with companies, when they may promise you security of the data you give them. Home Depot customer service is based on awareness of the customer about how he may order the product, what rights he has and how he may contact the company in case something goes wrong. These are really important points that every company should have.

Home Depot did it best to make the site as much informative as it is possible, so that customer would not have any questions. Quite easy in use, web site provides different ways of ordering the products. They even gave the information when they use your data, so that you know what for they need it. When you register on the site, when you make an online buying, when you call the call center you need to give information about your name, address, e-mail, whatever. But Home Depot provides security of it, so you may be sure that nobody will use your name to buy something costing several thousands of dollars. They also sure you that their company will not trade, rent or sell your personal information, without your prior consent.

In order to understand the customer better Home Depot posts questionnaires on the site from time to time, where they may need some private information. It’s quite a good idea of improving their customer service, and by the way not every company does that.

Have you ever thought that the bigger company is the harder it is to rule it? When you have five workers and 20 buyers it’s much easier to stay in contact with each customer and be sure in your stuff and control both. It is easier to react on the requirements of the customer. When you owe a small company it’s easier to be flexible and change your customer service according to the needs of the customer. Can you imagine yourself for example possibility of teaching 1000 people in different districts the new way of serving customers? I think, hardly.

When the company is big it’s so uneasy to listen to every customer, to improve your customer service as often as it is necessary, to be the best of the best. Anyway, my own point of view is that for such big company as Home Depot customer service is not bad. By the way, much depends on the department, as the system may not work if the head of some department is not reliable or not attentive. Thus don’t blame on the whole company if you contacted the indelicate lady in the call center, though it’s still the big disadvantage of the company not to control everything.

Companies may be loyal only when the customers are loyal.

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